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Windows Server 2019 Lite Edition Free Download

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Windows Server 2019 Lite Edition | Best for daily usage | Multi-Language x64 

Description about this build :-

❤️This build is based on Windows Server 2019 (1809)
❤️ ISO Size :- 2.2GB

Removal/Disabled Features :-
  • All Metro Apps
  • Print Spooler (Disabled)
  • Action Centre (Disabled)
  • Hibernation (Disabled)
  • SysMain (Disabled)
  • LockScreen (Disabled)
  • Prefetch (Disabled)
  • People
  • Windows Defender
  • Narrator
  • Speech Recognition
  • Help (HTML)
  • Microsoft Sync
  • Disabled Windows Server password complexity/Shutdown logger/Telemetry

Info :-

❤️ Low resource consuming
❤️ Great for daily usage
❤️ Great for 2GB RAM Users (recommended 4GB)
❤️ Added StartIsBack (can be removed to get back default start menu)

Screenshots :-

Download Link : Click Here

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