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UK Wedding or a Wedding Abroad?

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Bertips.com | A United Kingdom wedding offers you one of kind picturesque landscape views. A civil wedding in the United Kingdom is enchanting and versatile. You will feel like the prince and princess and be treated like royalty during your wedding. Your venue may range from a country barn wedding to a castle wedding for shear elegance. When choosing a venue you need to think about the accommodations and how many people will be attending your wedding making sure you have ample space. There are a variety of castles to choose from that will take your breath away on top of green rolling hills. A wedding here will surely leave an impression that will not be forgotten.

Do you remember Ali Baba? In the country of Turkey, crystal blue water and white sand beaches will accommodate a spectacular authentic sultan style wedding. If you are looking to be catered to constantly a Turkish wedding is for you. Veils and sheik outfits only enhance this phenomenal type venue. With the background of the Aegean Sea, weddings in Turkey are extremely romantic and will make your special day memorable. You may even consider a different route with the finer touches of luxury and choose to get married on a yacht or experience a Safari.

Traditionally in Turkey if the bride is marrying a Turkish man she has a Henna Night. A Henna Night is a woman's party the night before the wedding with the bride's friends and family to eat, dance and sing. They put henna on their hands and it leaves a stain acknowledging she is a new bride.

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Weddings in New York are a whole other atmosphere. From the bright city lights to the Empire State Building anything is possible in New York. There is a wondrous amount of choices for your venue here. Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, a conservatory or botanical gardens, boathouse, Coney Island, Empire State Building or even the United Nations are just a few choices to entertain. From traditional weddings to modern weddings, same sex weddings, to even cultural weddings or international weddings, whatever you are looking for, getting married in New York will surely provide it.

Weddings in Greece are a nonstop party celebration. Most weddings in Greece take place in the summer or towards the end of summer. A traditional Greek wedding starts with music and funny lyrics with all of your family and friends being involved as a group. The group then goes dancing through the streets sharing the joy and happiness with everyone. At the end of the route the bride and groom are taken to the church to exchange their vows. Then the real celebration begins with large amounts of wine, roasted meats and food in galore. A traditional Greek wedding may last days. However, having a wedding in Greece requires a translation of the birth certificates and your marriage announcement out of the local paper and more. If you are determined to have a Greek wedding, hire a wedding planner to take care of all the headaches you do not need to have.

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