Dril Latihan Soal Talking about self dan Simple Present

Dril Latihan Soal Talking about self dan Simple Present

Dril Latihan Soal Talking about self dan Simple Present  - Dikesempatan kali ini admin ingin share soal latihan untuk materi talking about self untuk siswa SMA yang disertai soal grammar simple present tense. Soal ini juga dapat digunakan untuk siswa SMP untuk latihan soal dan drill. Soal ini dikemas sedemikian rupa sehingga dapat mengcover materi Introduction juga family di dalamnya.

Soal berupa teks rumpang dimana siswa diminta untuk mengisi area kosong dengan menggunakan verb atau kata kerja, baik kalimat nominal menggunakan bentuk -be (is, am, are), maupun kaliamt verbal menggunakan -verb.

Setelah mengisi paragraf rumpang, anak diminta untuk menjawab soal pertanyaan sejumlah 15 items yang berkaitan dengan teks tersebut.

Read the following text and answe the questions!

Mustofa’s facts.

  • Let me introduce myself, I ______ (be) Mustofa. I ______ (have) a happy family. I have a wife and a son. 
  • My wife, Trumiasih ______ (be) a housewife. She ________ (keep) the house and _______ (take care) of our son. Shidqi ______ (be) the only child in our family. 
  • He ____ (be) two years old. 
  • He ______ (not attend) school yet. 
  •  I really _________ (love) my wife and my son. 
  • They ______ (be) really important in my life.
  • Well, I ______ (want) to tell you about me, myself. 
  •  I _________ (teach) English at MTs Walisongo Tulis and SMP 8 Batang. 
  • I ________ (go) to school with my old motorcycle. 
  • After teaching at school, I usually play with Shidqi. 
  • He _______ (ask) me to play around. 
  • He _________ (call) me “Bapak” and his mother “ Ibu”. 
  • At about 4 p.m. I must go to Batang and Pekalongan to teach at the English course Guidance for SMA students. I _________ (enjoy) teaching both in formal schools and informal ones. 
  • Before teaching, I ________ (prepare) the materials by priting them with my printers, then I ________ (copy) and _______ (share) them to my students. 
  • They ________ (be) happy when I teach them. 
  • They always _______ (wait) for me. 
  • I thik they _______ (like) my teaching style and method. One of my students named Anisa _____ (be) very enthusiastic and she________ (no want) to miss the class. 
  • She’s the most active students and she _____ (be) very smart.


  1. What is the writer?
  2. Where does he teach?
  3. What subject does he teach?
  4. How does he go to school?
  5. How many children does he have?
  6. Does his wife work?
  7. What does she do?
  8. When does the writer play with his son, Shidqi?
  9. Does he teach at informal school?
  10. Does he teach for university students at the course?
  11. How does he prepare the materials to teach?
  12. Do the students dislike the writer’s teaching?
  13. Who is Anisa?
  14. Is she clever?
  15. Do you think that the writer have busy activities? Why do you say so?