Secretary of state il business search

Illinois Secretary of State Business Services (CyberDrive System)

1. Start

In order to lookup an entity in Illinois, you will need to visit the Secretary of State’s Website and use the CyberDrive System to Search By:

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Corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)

You can preform a search for by Name or Filing Number. After doing so you will be brought to the Results Page (As Seen Below).
Step 2 – Choose Your Entity

As you can see on the left, you will be able to preview the entities’ Type, File Number, and Name.

Click the light blue link (Name) and you will be sent to the Details Page (As Seen Below).

3. Retrieve Information

You have concluded your search and may be able to view any and all information about the corporation. On the details page, you may collect any and all of the business’s Name, File Number, Type, Status, State of Incorporation, Formation Date, Registered Agent (including Name and Address), Annual Report, and Filing Date.

In order to verify the existence of a business you will need to retrieve a Certificate of Good Standing with the Secretary of State.

4. Steps to form your new Corporation

  1. Business name availability search (above)
  2. Internet domain availability search for website and email.
  3. Choose your entity type (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership or Non Profit Org)
  4. Obtain IRS EIN Number (employer identification number). Create New IRS EIN Number
  5. Create Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that include describing the business purpose of the entity, naming the registered agent, directors, registered address, operating guidelines, dissolution provisions, and other information.
  6. Determine if the new entity requires any federal, state or local business licenses.
  7. Determine payroll tax requirements.
  8. Determine federal, state and local tax filing requirements.
  9. Establish the business physical and/or mailing address, phone number, voicemail, website, email address and business cards.

Registered Agent

In Illinois, one of the requirements for a corporation or LLC is that a Registered Agent has to be named. This person is a single point of contact in case the business needs to be served with legal papers or contacted by the state. One of the business owners often file as the entities Registered Agent. When they file, their home address is often used (PO Boxes aren’t allowed) and the owner's name and address is now a public record that can be looked up by anyone. This can be a big concern, especially for home-based businesses. Using a commercial Registered Agent service will keep their personal address from being public record..

Business Licenses

The business name registration is different from business licensing in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Revenue has more information regarding Illinois business licenses.

Information on the Illinois (IL) SOS


As the second largest constitutional office of the state, the Secretary of State of Illinois is also an elected governmental institution.

The Secretary of State of Illinois is a government office visited by more Illinois residents than any other government office in the state.

Jesse White, a Democrat, has been the incumbent office holder since 1999.


The Secretary of State of Illinois is the custodian of the public records, Illinois UCC filings and archives, state laws, state records, State Capitol and Library. Aside from registering corporations, lobbyists and notaries, he is also in charge of issuing licenses to Illinois-registered vehicles and motorists.

Secretary of State Contact Information

  • 213 State Capitol
  • Springfield, IL 62756
  • 800-252-8980

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