Differences WhatsApp Original with GB WhatsApp


Differences WhatsApp Original with GB WhatsApp - If until now you are still using WhatsApp to communicate, either chatting with friends, family, colleagues, or business associates. Then you have to try the modified application called GB WhatsApp with a myriad of features. The features it has are certainly different from the original version of WhatsApp, so if you use it, you will get a pleasant experience. Let's see the differences that you can know. 

Differences WhatsApp Original with GB WhatsApp 

Judging from the name, it is almost the same and there is only one word difference. Not only the name, if you have seen the application, it will be more visible the difference with some of the features owned by GB WhatsApp. In order to find out what the differences are in the GB WhatsApp application and the original, it can be seen from the reviews of each application below:

WhatsApp Original Reviews

If you want to download WA then simply visit the Google Play Store and follow the installation steps so that the application can automatically be installed. In addition, it will not carry viruses in and the device will allow the installation process to take place.

For the features that are owned are quite standard and there are some limitations in their use. This is intended to make the device performance is not too heavy.

The limitations that WA Original have are quite reasonable, but some people need the elimination of these restrictions. If you are confused about the limitations, you can see the list below:
  • Deleted messages or statuses cannot be viewed.
  • The images sent are limited to 30 images at a time.
  • Unable to download status or wa stories.
  • Files sent will be compressed so that the resolution is reduced.
  • Has limitations in the number of characters, file size, and length of wa story.
Even so, using WA Original is included in a very safe application and can be used anytime. There will even be no terms of being banned or blocking accounts on official applications on the Google Play Store.

GB WhatsApp Reviews

You will not be able to get this application made by a third party developer on the Google Play Store because the application itself is only on the official third party website so it can be said that this is an illegal application.

The features in it are favored by WhatsApp users who want to use chat applications efficiently. For the advantages possessed by GB WA, such as being able to be used by 2 accounts on 1 smartphone, changing the theme as much as you like, hiding message status, and others.

Meanwhile, there are still settings that are rarely explained, namely in settings or appearances that are certainly very different from the original WhatsApp, namely:
  • Lock / Lock: aims to maintain privacy with a password.
  • Change Font / Change Font: change the appearance of the WhatsApp font.
  • Restart: clear trash and cache to make it lighter.
  • Language / Language : select the language you want to use.
  • New Broadcast : send message to many contacts.
  • Broadcast Group : send messages to multiple groups in one send.
  • DND mode: stands for Don't Disturb or will not receive and send messages.
  • Clear File: clears cache and logs in communications.
  • Open Log: view all activities such as status, contact changing profiles, and more.
  • Lock Chat: for private conversations.